Homework and assignments Help.

National merit scholar at an affordable price


Homework and assignments Help.

National merit scholar at an affordable price

Subjects for college students

I have been helping students for more than 5 years with their homework or assignments. I have many happy student clients, most of whom are repeat clients over several quarters/semesters. Subjects that I have helped include, but are not limited to the following:

Java Programming Help

I have a strong background in Java and have always met my students project deadlines. Some of the courses I have provided online homework help include Introduction to Java, Advanced Java, Data Structures, Algorithms.

C++ Programming

I am very strong in C++ and I have helped many students in community college and universities with their projects in a timely manner. I have helped them in: Introduction to C++, Advanced C++, Data Structures, Algorithms, etc.

C# Programming

As many are aware, programming is not a walk in the park and C# language is no different. With many years of experience in C# under my belt, I assure you I can provide the help you need to complete your project or homework assignment.

Android Programming

For the past few years I have been helping students with their Android homework/projects. I assure you that I can help you with your assignments. I can help you develop the code in Android studio, Eclipse or other tools.

JavaScript and HTML

If you are struggling with your JavaScript homework, don’t let it get you down. Here at Homework etc. I will provide guidance to help you complete your assignment or project.

PHP Programming

PHP assignments can be difficult and frustrating due to all of the different types of information taught during the course. By coming to Homework etc. I will meet your needs, homework deadlines, and requirements every assignment.


I Have helped many students with Algebra homework. I am familiar with the curriculum and will be able to meet your homework deadlines.


I have helped many students with their geometry and math homework. I am familiar with the curriculum and will be able to meet your homework deadlines.


I am very familiar with courses similar to Algebra 2/Trigonometry Honors taught at high schools. I guarantee that I will be able to provide the help needed to complete your daunting homework assignments.


Many students have came to me with pre-calculus homework assignments and I have been able to meet their deadlines. Send your homework to me via online and I will assess the assignment and respond to you promptly.


I Have helped high school students taking AB Calculus, BC Calculus, College students taking Calculus I, II, III on their assignments in a timely manner


Receive complete solutions to your statistics homework problems using Homework etc. I provide prompt responses and quality help. Courses include: AP Statistics, Linear Programming, Analysis of Variance etc.


Having a difficult time with vector problems? I've provided online homework help to students. Some of the courses include: AP Physics, Physics Honors, College Physics.


Finance homework assignments can be daunting, but with my experience and background, I assure you I can help you complete the assignment at hand.


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You are by far the best tutor I have had. Thank you so much.

A. S. College Student
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You are a great tutor! I’ll be back next quarter!

S. M. College Student
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You are an amazing tutor! Thank you so much for helping me with C++ assignments.

C. K. College Student
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You are great! Thanks for all the great homework help. You should be charging more for homework.

J. H. College Student
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Anil did a great job providing help on many of the complicated Java programming assignments. No complaints here. I will definitely be back with more assignments and projects

A. W. College Student
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Thanks for helping me with my Javascript / HTML and Android assignments! I appreciate the quick turnaround time.

T. G. College Student
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I have had many tutors in the past, but Anil is by far the best tutor. He has helped me increase my test scores tremendously. Glad my mom came across Anil’s tutoring help posting. He helped in Algebra I and II, pre-Calculus, Chemistry and SAT

K. A. Student and athlete at LAHS


I am a National Merit Scholar and hold a Master’s degree in Engineering with many years of experience in Java, C++, C#, HTML, MySQL, Android programming and Mathematics. I have worked in corporate world for many years, and have also started my own software company. All these skills, as well as helping college and high school students with their homework, have shaped me into a reliable and knowledgeable tutor. I am comfortable working with a variety of learning styles as I have tutored and assisted with homework help for those from all different disciplines (college, high school, middle school students as well as working professionals). Not only do I provide in person, one-on-one tutoring and homework help, but I also provide one-on-one tutoring and homework help via Skype for those that are not local.

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